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Wenzhou house down, tell us that housing security identification is essential    Date:2017-02-07

  10 月 10 morning, Wenzhou City, Lucheng District, occurred with the collapse of houses, and now heavy casualties, the current rescue work is continuing ... ...

  As a building structure of the industry, I would like to say that this accident tell you a Road:

  House, is really collapsed.

  I know the truth we all know, but I also know that there are a lot of people will feel: my house will not fall!), This is the truth of the industry,

  Let's take a look at the accident in Wenzhou. At present, the official has not officially given the cause of the accident. But we all know: there is no local earthquake, tsunami, debris flow of these natural disasters, there is no war, no explosion. So the cause of the accident is mostly out of the housing structure itself. From the current report, the "city village" within the housing, there has been a large number of unauthorized expansion, plus layers and other man-made changes. These acts in our line of words, that is, unauthorized changes in the structure of the house.

  Our country to change the structure of the building or change the function of building use, there are strict requirements. To do first seismic identification, to identify the report as the basis for the investigation of the structure of the existing deficiencies, the reinforcement design (by the third party plans) and reinforcement construction. (The public had previously published a special related articles)

  However, in the small series of these years, the majority of owners feel that these processes cumbersome, costly, have the impact on the duration and cost, so the detection and identification and structural reinforcement is able to hide is to hide, can save the province. And in the reconstruction project, often appear in order to area, layer height, landscape and other factors at the expense of structural safety performance. Such as too high enough house layer, the beam thinning; auditorium and the stage between the pillars block the line of sight, the pillars removed; all kinds of pipeline to re-layout, then the beam out of all kinds of holes for the size of the pipeline through the ... ... The cases cited here are real. And most of them are not ignorant farmers, mountain village husband dry out. Some cases are from a number of large enterprises, developers, are civil engineering industry have a certain structure of the knowledge of the people who do.

  Of course, some "timid" owners are behaving, and a board in accordance with the rules and regulations, to test identification, according to the norms of design and construction.

  Most of the owners are moving the structure, with experience, please "experts" to come up with ideas, headache, treatment of foot, for the change or damage to the structure at the reinforcement.

  There are "timid", and naturally there are "bold". A small number of owners of the structure was told that there is risk in the case, still go its own way, do not make any remedial measures. This situation is mostly due to tight schedule, no time to pull the reinforcement of those "idle" the. Afterwards, but also patting the chest and said: "You see, I'll say nothing! Zan this house, could not!"

  But I would like to say to such a person: "it may be too late to fall.

  Many people are not professional structure, the structure will see the relatively light. Xiaobian in order to illustrate the importance of the structure, the structure of the building with the most popular analogy to describe to you:

  We see the whole structure of the house as a person. A person with normal torso and limbs, flesh and bone, can withstand the normal work of life. Imagine the houses of the beam, plate, column, etc. is the body of the trunk and limbs, concrete is flesh and blood, steel is bone. Tomorrow suddenly for some reason, to cut his left hand, or to break the femur should be, that this person can normal life?

  To cite an example, Xiao Bian this physique, can only do the work of the computer code word, usually back 50 pounds of rice upstairs are strenuous. But tomorrow the General Administration of Sport suddenly issued a notice to me to participate in weightlifting world championships, do not take gold medal. Not through any training I bite the bullet directly on the end of the game is estimated to be vomiting blood on the spot.

  Free to damage the housing structure is like a cut of people's hands and feet also forced him to normal life and work; do not go through rigorous calculations to blindly increase the load to the house is like forcing an academic student to take weightlifting gold medal.

  A moment of luck does not represent the safety of I. Can not always think that the house can easily toss, will not fall. Housing collapse cases in recent years in our country has been commonplace. These bloody lessons at the moment remind us of the importance of the structure!