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Several Kinds of House Inspection Identification    Date:2017-02-07

  Housing testing and identification is nearly a decade with the depth of socio-economic development and construction projects have been gradually expanding the scale of the rise of a small field of engineering construction. Strictly speaking, this professional is small, but related to the technical and industry management issues and many. In the course of its construction and use, the building may encounter various situations. Under the dual effects of long-term natural and environmental use, the structural function will be gradually weakened and reduced, sometimes in comparison with the original design requirements. Large gaps, or because of construction, use, function and management reasons, we need to test the building identification, structural reliability of its scientific and objective evaluation, according to the identification test results, combined with the purpose of identification And requirements, given the corresponding conclusions and recommendations.

  01 Construction quality inspection and identification: mainly refers to the construction or use of housing in the process, in order to identify the quality of construction or construction quality of the construction of doubt, controversy, and carried out construction quality testing identification, including structural engineering Deformation, crack identification, construction defects identification, and reinforcement of construction quality appraisal. According to the relevant standards and standards, the use of reasonably necessary testing techniques, the main construction quality of the project to carry out detection, analysis, one by one inspection, according to standard comprehensive assessment of construction quality standards. If the reasons for the construction quality problems are entrusted to be analyzed, then the causes of the construction quality problems are analyzed and eliminated on the basis of comprehensive analysis, and a reasonable solution is proposed.

  02 Identification of the environmental impact of the project: mainly refers to the existence of harmful media around the construction or near the deep foundation pit design and construction of improper, pile foundation construction vibration is too large, precipitation and other work, causing damage to the building for the detection and identification. If commissioned to cover the reasons for the analysis, in a comprehensive inspection and analysis on the basis of one by one analysis, excluding, in order to find the reasons for the project affected by the environment and put forward a reasonable solution to deal with the program. Related to the surrounding engineering design and construction program rationality analysis, should still be the corresponding calculation and analysis.

  03 Project identification: mainly refers to the construction of fire, flood, snow, wind, explosion, earthquake, geological disasters, impact and other disasters after the detection and identification. According to the degree of damage, according to the standard criteria for damage to the regional division, according to the actual situation of different regional components, the calculation of the assessment of its safety performance, and reasonable reinforcement or other treatment programs proposed to carry out the construction of the damaged structural components of the full inspection and testing, .

  04 Engineering expansion or reconstruction before the identification: mainly refers to the construction of the transformation, repair or changes in the use of building structures such as building layers, expansion, load increase, industrial plant production process change, the original design can not continue to meet the requirements, Or the original design can not test, or on the engineering capacity, structural bearing capacity of doubt and the construction, local or some structural components of the carrying capacity, safety, reliability testing identification.

  05 identification of the use of extended construction: mainly refers to the building to the design base period, the structural function of basic good or partially intact, due to the production and living needs to continue the use of testing and identification. In accordance with the relevant national standards and standards, the use of the necessary means of detection, to be identified overdue buildings, to identify the construction period of the implementation of the design, construction and other standard requirements, a comprehensive inspection of the project parameters, according to regulatory standards Standards, original design standards, construction specifications, combined with the existing design standards, etc.) to determine their safety and follow-up service life to determine the maintenance and reinforcement items. Special attention should be paid to anti-aging treatment of structural members, such as concrete carbonization treatment, steel structure corrosion treatment.

  06 for the existing building the right to confirm the quality of acceptance: the main building to solve the existing problems left over from history, as well as incomplete capital construction procedures or lack of engineering information such as the right to confirm the building inspection and identification. In accordance with the requirements of the relevant national standards and standards, whether the project is under formal design, construction, supervision and other procedures, such as the lack of the structure should be restored or a comprehensive verification of its state of the building structure, the use of the necessary testing methods, the project parameters comprehensive Inspection, calculation and analysis of its safety performance, to judge its safety or reliability, to find out the dissatisfied items, propose reasonable reinforcement program to promote rectification.

  07 Foundation Pit Engineering Identification: mainly refers to the assessment of construction foundation, pile foundation, foundation pit support design and construction program rationality, pit construction quality, or lack of foundation pit construction data, engineering accidents and other pit Detection and identification. According to the requirements of the relevant standards and standards, the excavation works and adjacent buildings to be identified shall be investigated, and the detection parameters of the foundation pit shall be comprehensively tested, analyzed and examined one by one. Based on the standard standards and the actual calculation and analysis results, The feasibility, the rationality and the construction quality grade of the foundation pit engineering, and puts forward the reasonable reinforcement treatment plan.

  08 Building seismic qualification: mainly refers to the original design of the building did not consider the seismic fortification or seismic fortification intensity increased, the structure changes the use of the structure and use of the environment, the building to the design base period, the need to continue to use special seismic identification. In accordance with the relevant standards and standards, on the basis of testing and investigation of engineering entities, the PKPM series structure design software is used to analyze and check the technical parameters and output results of the quasi-identification projects to determine the seismic unsatisfied items, and A reasonable seismic strengthening treatment scheme is put forward.

  09 DANGEROUS HOUSING IDENTIFICATION DANGEROUS HOUSES are structures which have been seriously damaged, or where the load-bearing members are already dangerous, and may lose stability and carrying capacity at any time and are not guaranteed to live and use safe houses. To effectively use the existing housing, the correct judgments of the risk of housing structures, the timely treatment of dangerous housing, to ensure the use of safety, also known as the normal use of housing security or risk.

  10 Detection and identification of special structures mainly refers to the identification of existing special structures in the course of the safety, reliability, or construction quality of the doubt, controversy, or in the course of the use of structural aging, damage and so on Special construction projects special testing identification, including the chimney silos, corridors, pools, towers, towers and so on.