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Some Basic Principles of Plant Transformation    Date:2017-02-07

  The transformation of the old industrial building is a more economical measure to save land and save time. However, the plant reconstruction is not simply based on the above classification to protect or demolish, but refers to the use of innovative methods to give the old factory new life. Housing testing Xiaobian tell you, the transformation of the old plant generally from the factory interior and exterior space optimization, plant construction function adjustment, building facade repair and materials used in these aspects of the effect of map design.

  The language of the transformation of building space in the transformation of old industrial plants, the entire plant should be the internal space and external space for re-planning and space optimization. The renovation of the external space of the old factory is mainly embodied in two aspects:

  1, to clear the traffic in the original plant on the road network, the end of the road connection, road widening, so that the transformation of the old plant more accessible, more easily and social life without barriers to close contact to create a more humane, full of personality, facilities Of the overall space, such as green space, streets, squares and so on;

  2, so that the old industrial plant historical and cultural atmosphere more clear, pure

  In order to meet these objectives, you can use the "first minus the plus" approach. Reduced by the external environment of the clutter, redundancy, no value or low value part; plus is by increasing plant, landscape sketches, and so shaping a better external environment. When the old industrial plant is rebuilt, in order to meet the new functional requirements, the internal space should be reformed.

  Can be divided into two kinds: one is not to change the original building structure, only non-load-bearing strong position to adjust, or by adding layers to obtain new internal space separation, this transformation easier to implement, but due to the original Building structure restrictions, can not achieve great changes. The other is to reorganize the relationship between the internal space, and affect the new features of the original building structure for local changes, this adaptation approach widely, more rational use of the original building space, but also through some new elements of the extension, Will have an interesting sense of space.