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2017-02-07Warmly congratulate the Shanghai Tongrui Civil Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. on-line success!

Since its establishment more than 10 years, has been committed to the field of civil engineering structure of professional technical advisory services.

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2017-02-07Some Basic Principles of Plant Transformation

The transformation of the old industrial building is a more economical measure to save land and save time. However, the plant reconstruction is not simply based on the above classification to protect or demolish, but refers to the use of innovative methods to give new life to the old factory.

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2017-02-07Several Kinds of House Inspection Identification

Housing testing and identification is nearly a decade with the depth of socio-economic development and construction projects have been gradually expanding the scale of the rise of a small field of engineering construction. Strictly speaking, this professional is small, but related to the technical and industry management issues and many.

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2017-02-07Housing structure needs to be done before the test?

Before and after the transformation, the houses need to be tested for the safety of the houses and the seismic testing of the houses. Before the renovation, the structure and capacity of the houses should be reexamined and modeled to provide data support and suggestions for the reconstruction projects. After the transformation of the housing needs of the status quo and drawings for review and acceptance to ensure the quality of housing after the transformation and the need for housing permits.

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2017-02-07Under what circumstances we do housing testing

Existing buildings are constructed and put into use, these buildings are generally completed by the acceptance of qualified. It is generally necessary to evaluate the safety of the existing structures by reviewing the layout and loading of the structures, testing the material properties, detecting the damage of the cracks, measuring the settlement and deformation, checking and analyzing the structures, Necessary reinforcement recommendations.

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2017-02-07Wenzhou house down, tell us that housing security identification is essential

10 月 10 morning, Wenzhou City, Lucheng District, occurred with the collapse of houses, and now heavy casualties, the current rescue work is continuing ... ...

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