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Quality Inspection of Jiading Long Distance Passenger Station

The building is a reinforced concrete frame-tube structure house with 1 story underground and 22 floors above the ground. It started construction in 2009 and is subject to partial adjustment when the structure is capped but not yet completed. Therefore, the technical feasibility of local adjustment To make a comprehensive evaluation.

Seismic Evaluation of Shanghai Times Square Reconstruction Project

The building consists of 30 floors and 26 floors of the two towers, 6-story podium and 3-story basement composed of high-rise buildings, a total construction area of about 109000m2, the total building height of about 115.05m. As the owner intends to re-repair the building, for which the overall seismic performance of the building to be tested.

Structural Identification of Shanghai Exhibition Center of Contemporary Art

Cartier in 2014 to the Shanghai Contemporary Art Center, the seventh floor of the regional exhibition set up three months, the exhibition area of about 1220m2.

Performance Test of the Structure Material of Newly Built Tower in Radio Monitoring Station

Since the completion of the tower has been commissioned for 10 years, due to the long-term exposure to air in the steel structure, in order to understand the use of the process of structural corrosion, deformation and structural damage, and provide the basis for structural analysis, Shanghai City radio monitoring station commissioned on the performance of structural materials and steel construction materials

Reconstruction and Strengthening of Yangshupu Waterworks

As the first factory in Shanghai, the Shanghai Fifth Woolen Factory witnessed the development of Shanghai's industry. In Yangshupu water plant renovation and expansion project in Shanghai, in strict accordance with the historical style of building protection requirements, combined with historical protection of the status of the building and the transformation of the actual functional requirements, the system to solve the protection and transformation of the use of technical problems.

Plant Structure Test of Zhuben Oil & Fat Co., Ltd

Bamboo Oil (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Is located in Shanghai Jinshan District Haijin Road 223, the plant is currently building an annual output of 100,000 tons additives, additives production and construction projects.