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“With focus on the dream landing with innovation for corporate profits” Shanghai Tongrui Civil Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Since its establishment more than 10 years
has been committed to the field of civil engineering structure of professional technical advisory services

  • 3600 More than home
    As the housing quality inspection station
  • 1100 More than home
    With authoritative qualifications, focus on various types of building inspection
  • 200 More than home
    Plant testing transformation identification
We have independent structural laboratories, supported by powerful structural laboratories, field test capabilities and computational analysis capabilities

Our structural engineers, building engineers and materials engineers all have the passion to solve the problem, as well as the technical approach to every structural challenge. We have a wealth of engineering experience in various types of materials, structural systems and structural components in civil construction. We are a professional company integrating Shanghai engineering inspection, Shanghai housing inspection, Shanghai pit testing,  Shanghai health monitoring and Shanghai housing consolidation. , And is committed to solving some of the most challenging civil engineering problems.




  • Extreme
    All in order to allow customers to profit at the core. Ultimate execution. Mechanism design aesthetic.
  • Innovation
    Maintain independent thinking, curiosity, the obligation to say a different point of view. Embrace change and embrace diversity.
  • Altruism
    Standing at each other's point of view, use communication to resolve differences.
  • pragmatic
    Look at the credit does not look at labor, all results-oriented