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House testing and seismic appraisal

House safety testing, house quality testing, seismic appraisal, house damage testing, house renovation testing, construction quality testing evaluation, other testing appraisal.

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Foundation pit engineering monitoring

In the construction process of foundation pit and underground work, the whole process of foundation pit monitoring should be carried out to protect the foundation pit and the structure of underground engineering, as well as the surrounding construction and pipeline facilities. Through the joint monitoring of foundation pit using multiple means, regular monitoring and timely feedback can be achieved to strengthen the information management in the construction process.

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Use function change detection to identify

The completion of formalities for completion of construction or completion of the acceptance procedures for the use of property rights that need to be handled, or the safety of structural transformation of the project in doubt.

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Structural seismic identification

Has been built using the seismic fortification requirements, the use of function changes, or to be structural transformation, expansion, alteration.

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Damage detection and identification

When the house may be affected by the surrounding subway, tunnel, foundation pit and other underground engineering construction impact, or within the scope of the project construction housing.

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Housing Safety Assessment

When there are already built into the use of housing may affect the safety of housing cracks, tilt deformation, aging and other security risks and signs of danger,

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